Sylvian Berthiaume

Blev 34 år.

Född:1872-12-17 Henryville, Iberville, Quebec, Canada. [1]
Död:1906-12-17 St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota USA. [1]

Äktenskap med Ida Johanna Persdotter (1876 - 1947)

Vigsel:1897-01-04 Ramsy County, Minnesota USA. [1]

Ruby Elisabeth Berthiaume (1903 - 1971)


According to Dawn Baker one of Sylvester’s great grand daughters,
Sylvester worked for the Great Northern Railroad. He went back to the city and was staying in an Apartment with his brother, there was some kind of fight with another tenet about rent. Sylvester fell down a fight of stairs and fractured his skull.
Källa: Carrie Jolayne Williams


1872 Födelse 1872-12-17 Henryville, Iberville, Quebec, Canada [1]
1876 3 år Makan Ida Johanna Persdotter föds 1876-06-11 Västerede, Fors (Z) [2]
1897 24 år Vigsel Ida Johanna Persdotter 1897-01-04 Ramsy County, Minnesota USA [1]
1903 30 år Dottern Ruby Elisabeth Berthiaume föds 1903-07-04 Grass Lake, Kanabec County, Minnesota USA [1]
1906 34 år Död 1906-12-17 St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota USA [1]


[1]Carrie Jolayne Williams
[2]GID 100023.33.30900 Födde vigsel död 1876 Bild 12